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Premier Waterfowl & PW Silkies

We want to welcome you with open arms to our new and improved site. Previously known as Briar Patch Farms. We have been breeding, raising, and showing poultry since 2008. In 2012 we revamped our breeding program and reopened our farm under our new name and developed a new take on our breeding program. Working with White, Blue Fawn, Gray, Pastel, and Aleutian Call Ducks and Silkies in Black and White. While navigating through our site you will find a variety of the different breeds and varieties we have to offer. Our main focus here at Premier is our Calls, we have been raising calls ever since the beginning. We picked up our first two pair at a local swap. The next year we attended our first poultry show and met a lot of nice breeders and from there the addiction started. You will also find that we breed Silkies as well. Silkies were the first breed of chicken here at the farm and previously was a main aspect to our breeding program before selling out in 2012. We knew we couldn’t stay out long as we found ourselves back into them in the fall of 2014.  Feel free to navigate the site and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Our contact info can be found on the sale page.

Tyler Messer  

Premier Waterfowl an also be found on Facebook... It is another good way to keep up with what is going on here at the farm.
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District 4 Director 2012- 2015
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